Friday, December 25, 2009


What a crazy fun christmas we had this year! From our christmas party, to christmas eve and PJs, to decorating our very first tree, we had so much fun! It was so good to see old friends and be able to catch up on everyone's lives! Christmas PJs are always a big deal and Chris was so happy to finally be a part of this tradition! Christmas eve is always a trip with the Gardner family! And decorating our first tree was so fun with Nanci and Dave! I had to have PINK on my tree of course! Chris was a trooper letting me decorate it the way I wanted :) We made some great memories this last week and me and Chris are so grateful for the great friends that we have!

me and chris

me and hallie

me and brea

me and heather

jc, heather, clint and his wife, scott and wendi

brint and brea

damon and kami

me and kami

me and kaite

katie, me, laura, and brea

me and chris christmas eve

mom, capri, me, and chris

sisters, mom, and grandma

christmas eve PJs!

getting our christmas tree!

Dave and Nanci

our tree was a bit crooked at first...

Chris fixed it :)

our cute stockings :)

my cute tree decorations!

chris at work!

and bahama bucks after working so hard on the tree!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


This morning was pretty much the worst morning of my life... a little background for ya.. I basically have the worst periods that any girl could possibly have without being diagnosed with endometriosis! So this morning I started my period... TMI sorry... and it started out like any other day that I would start: a little pain (cramps) but nothing that i can't handle. So off to school I went to take my anatomy final. During my final I was pretty OK until I got to the last 5 questions... My pain began to exceed what I basically could bare without crying. I started to rock myself back and forth in my seat until I finished my test, handed it in, and booked out the door. Jenn my roommate took that class with me so she was waiting outside for me to finish. I told her that I didn;t feel good so we started rushing towards my truck in a parking lot that was NOT close at all. About half way to my truck I turned pale white, and that feeling of complete Flu-like symptoms came over me and I collapsed on the sidewalk. I was half way on the sidewalk and halfway in the grass when I realized I was gonna puke! I got so sick I couldn't even stand up. I gave Jenn the keys and told her to run get my truck and come get me. When she got back to me, i ran to the truck and was completely sick to my stomach. We rushed back to my apartment and I immediately ran into the bathroom and stripped my clothes off! As I hung over the toilet seat I yelled at Jenn to call my sister Kami. Kami told me to calm down and tried to ask me questions that would help me. I was basically hyperventilating and couldn't talk or think like the whole time! Then my hands went numb! I could not feel my hands! I thought I was dying and that something inside of me was going to burst! After about 20 minutes of agonizing paiin I finally was like, I'M GOING TO THE ER! I couldnt take the pain any longer. SO we got in the car and drove to the instacare here. By the time we got there my nausea had went away, bt my pain was still bad.. the instacare people told me they didnt take cases dealing with menstration and that I'd have to go to the emergency room. I then decided that I was OK enough to go back to the apartment and try to wait it out. If I wasn't better in an hour, I would go back... So I went home, drank a little gatorade, had part of a bagel, and went to sleep.. I thought it was all over!......but it wasn't!! I woke up 30 minutes later and threw up in a bowl for 30 minutes more! and I actually puked this time. It was so gross. but I felt so much better after, and I feel good now. The rest of the day I have felt much better which I am soooo glad! I hate these days! I hope the doc will be able to help me when I get home! It sucks being a girl! -well, sometimes :)
but anyways,

Sunday, December 13, 2009


So this is my last week at DIXIE STATE! I go home on Thursday for GOOD! I think I speak for both Chris and I when I say this has been a crazy two years... I can't believe its almost over! It took so long to get here, and at the same time I feel like parts have flown by. I think it has been a good experience for me to be able to go to college. I love that volleyball brought me here, but it really made me realize how much I love and miss my family and friends. I'm such a home-body and can't wait to start my REAL life when I get back!

Not only has it been two years that I've been away at DIXIE, but December 11th was my 2ND YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF BEING WITH CHRIS! It was two years ago that Chris took me out on our first date to AZ88. I couldn't have asked to be with someone who is more loving and giving towards me then Chris. I don't know how I could live without him, he is amazing and I love him so much. Less then 3 months is our wedding and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him!

Chris came up this last weekend and helped me pack most of my stuff up, and he took back more then half of my stuff with him on his way home today. We had a great weekend together! He took me out to eat ALOT and we watched movies all weekend. Long distance sucks a**! I'm so glad I don't ever have to be apart from him and my family anymore! 4 more days! SO CLOSE!!

Monday, December 7, 2009


Michael Buble said it right...

1. No more lives torn apart.

2. wars would never start.

3. TIme would heal all hearts.

4. Everyone would have a friend.

5. Right would always win.

6. LOVE would NEVER END.

I'm with Michael... This is my grown-up christmas list :)