Monday, June 7, 2010


So, some of you may think this is a L@mE dream, but none the less, it has been a dream of mine since my senior year in high school... My passion, my love (besides my husband of course), and my life has been Volleyball for the last ten years of my life! I started playing in 7th grade because my best friend Olivia Shill wanted to try out for Club Red, so I thought, what the heck, I'd try it, even though I didn't like volleyball and wasn't any good at it! Well once I started, I was addicted. All I wanted was to get good at this sport! I even gave up my first love, softball, to focus and improve my skills in volleyball. Oh, and Olivia quit after that and became a cheerleader, thanks though livvie! Anyways, at graduation of my senior year, I told Mr. Thad Gates (our Athletic Director) that I was going to go play 4 years of college ball, and then I was going to come back, and he was going to hire me to be the coach at Westwood. He laughed and went along with what I had repeatedly stated for the last 4 years in the random moments when I happened to run into him at sporting events and such. Well, a year before I got done with my 4 years in college, Coach Steve Crook retired, and Mr. Gated hired someone else... When I heard the news I sadly pictured my dream of becoming head coach extending far far into the future with hope of it ever coming true diminishing.
Well, I am happy to announce that there was a change of plans in the previous coaching staff, and it couldn't have come at a better time! I was privileged to get an interview and then was hired as the new head girls Varsity coach at Westwood last week! I guess dreams do come true, and heavenly father has blessed me so much this year. I have the best new husband who is totally supportive of me, and I've got my dream job! Its going to be alot of hard work, and alot of time, but I am so excited! I guess its true, once a warrior, always a warrior!