Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve :)

Every christmas we do PJs at the DeWitt house. This Christmas, Chris' side of the family decided to do it too! SO here are pics of Christmas eve at the Ross'. It was so fun :) Christmas at the DeWitt's and christmas day will be coming soon!!

Chris and I

Us and our kid... Just kidding, our nephew Beni :)

Me and Nanci and Jeni

The whole fam damily!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


So last last few months I have been on this high of doing things in our house. Any wall that is bare, or space that has nothing, I have tried and am trying to decorate and make our home complete! I went to a garage sale with Kami a few weeks ago and I found this cute coat hanger for $20. I have seen a lot of different ones before, but none that I was like, "OH my Gosh I have to have it!" This one was super cute though, so I HAD TO GET IT!

It was cream colored when I bought it, but everything in my entry way is black, gold, and yellow... SO I painted it...

Here it is before...

Here it is after...

The entry way is ALMOst finished! I was glad to get this out of the way for now though!

Joanne's is having huge sales on their picture frames right now, so I was excited to finally finish my material board for my kitchen! I bought a 16x20 frame that was originally $70 for $27!

Chris has me HOOKED on the store ZGALLERIE. I had my floral centerpiece on my table in a plain old vase, until I hit up ZGALLERIE. They had this baby on sale for $40. It was originally over $100! I love it :) early christmas for me! thanks babe!

I also found this candelabra at ZGALLERIE too! It is so beautiful! It was originally $30 and I got it for $15!

I love it when I find good sales on cute things :)

Monday, December 13, 2010


So Chris had his work christmas party this year and we went! They had a 20's theme for the party so me and Chris really got into it! Chris and I found some cute accessories at H&M in scottsdale to make our costumes complete! Chris has made some really good friends at work and so we had a lot of fun with them at the party! There was like 500 people at this party! It was huge and it was held at the Scottsdale Air Park- super cool place!

Chris and Daniel

Daniel and Lisa

Me and Lisa

Me, Angela, and Lisa