Thursday, December 16, 2010


So last last few months I have been on this high of doing things in our house. Any wall that is bare, or space that has nothing, I have tried and am trying to decorate and make our home complete! I went to a garage sale with Kami a few weeks ago and I found this cute coat hanger for $20. I have seen a lot of different ones before, but none that I was like, "OH my Gosh I have to have it!" This one was super cute though, so I HAD TO GET IT!

It was cream colored when I bought it, but everything in my entry way is black, gold, and yellow... SO I painted it...

Here it is before...

Here it is after...

The entry way is ALMOst finished! I was glad to get this out of the way for now though!

Joanne's is having huge sales on their picture frames right now, so I was excited to finally finish my material board for my kitchen! I bought a 16x20 frame that was originally $70 for $27!

Chris has me HOOKED on the store ZGALLERIE. I had my floral centerpiece on my table in a plain old vase, until I hit up ZGALLERIE. They had this baby on sale for $40. It was originally over $100! I love it :) early christmas for me! thanks babe!

I also found this candelabra at ZGALLERIE too! It is so beautiful! It was originally $30 and I got it for $15!

I love it when I find good sales on cute things :)

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  1. will have to say that this is one of my most favorite posts because of all your cute stuff! I WANT THEM! hahaha I love that vase you found! what a DEAL! PS we are coming home for New Years because my mom is getting married on 1/1/11... haha yea so let's play. We land on the 29th-Jan 2. (not a long trip but if you know of parties for new years eve I wanna come!) :) love you!