Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve :)

Every christmas we do PJs at the DeWitt house. This Christmas, Chris' side of the family decided to do it too! SO here are pics of Christmas eve at the Ross'. It was so fun :) Christmas at the DeWitt's and christmas day will be coming soon!!

Chris and I

Us and our kid... Just kidding, our nephew Beni :)

Me and Nanci and Jeni

The whole fam damily!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


So last last few months I have been on this high of doing things in our house. Any wall that is bare, or space that has nothing, I have tried and am trying to decorate and make our home complete! I went to a garage sale with Kami a few weeks ago and I found this cute coat hanger for $20. I have seen a lot of different ones before, but none that I was like, "OH my Gosh I have to have it!" This one was super cute though, so I HAD TO GET IT!

It was cream colored when I bought it, but everything in my entry way is black, gold, and yellow... SO I painted it...

Here it is before...

Here it is after...

The entry way is ALMOst finished! I was glad to get this out of the way for now though!

Joanne's is having huge sales on their picture frames right now, so I was excited to finally finish my material board for my kitchen! I bought a 16x20 frame that was originally $70 for $27!

Chris has me HOOKED on the store ZGALLERIE. I had my floral centerpiece on my table in a plain old vase, until I hit up ZGALLERIE. They had this baby on sale for $40. It was originally over $100! I love it :) early christmas for me! thanks babe!

I also found this candelabra at ZGALLERIE too! It is so beautiful! It was originally $30 and I got it for $15!

I love it when I find good sales on cute things :)

Monday, December 13, 2010


So Chris had his work christmas party this year and we went! They had a 20's theme for the party so me and Chris really got into it! Chris and I found some cute accessories at H&M in scottsdale to make our costumes complete! Chris has made some really good friends at work and so we had a lot of fun with them at the party! There was like 500 people at this party! It was huge and it was held at the Scottsdale Air Park- super cool place!

Chris and Daniel

Daniel and Lisa

Me and Lisa

Me, Angela, and Lisa

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So as you could see from my last post, I have been busy making the house cute :) I thought I would share a couple ways that helped make it that way :)

Chris showed me these anchor things that are so cool, I HAD to share! This may not be new to some, but I'll share anyway... They screw right into the wall and hide so you can hang heavier pictures on the nail.
Heres what they look like:

And this is what it looks like in the wall:

I think a lot of you are familiar with Hobby Lobby :) which is where I found some cute knobs that will screw right inside these anchors! Check them out!

After you screw it in, this is what it looks like:

Here's another cute one in the wall:

After they are in, you can hang what ever you want! SO DARLING!

I also FINALLY finished my bench project that I've been working on (or lack there of) for like 5 months! There is this house on the corner by Westwood High school, where these hispanic people live. I drove by their home recognizing this bench ever time I went by.... I finally worked up enough courage to go and ask if I could buy it from them, and they said yes! I was so excited, I knew it would look sooo cute in my family room.

So here is what it looked like after my dad helped me strip all the black paint off of it:

And here is what it looked like after I painted and crackled it:

And here is what it looks like in my family room! I love it!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


So I've decided that we get smarter overtime... you know, through experience and age we realize how funny our decisions were when we were young! I have this really awkward entry way in my house that has been the DEATH OF ME trying to figure out what I want to do to it. I decorated it one way before thinking it was SOOO CUUUTE, and because I looked at it long enough, I finally realized how horrible it was! haha... here is how I decorated it before:

Then after realizing what a horrible decorator I was, I FINALLY found some motivation to work on my house when I had some free time this week! So this is the new and improved Entry way to our house... I'm not finished, I think I might even try talking Chris into going to get paint and painting the walls tonight!
.........So, cute (better) decorations are up, paint is coming soon, and I am finally happy with the entry way thus far! Here's the decor minus the paint until further notice :) P.S. I love HOBBY LOBBY :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wedding, Anniversary, and Birthday!

Chris and I have had a busy week! My best friend Hallie got married, it was Chris and I's 7 month anniversary (Woo Hoo!), and it was Chris' Birthday! It was so amazing to see Hallie and Kellen be sealed in the temple and we had a blast at the reception afterward!

Me and Hallie

Me and Chris at the reception

At Oregano's for Chris' birthday dinner

the whole famdamily

Cake and ice cream at Nanc and Dave's was so fun! JC, Heather, Scott, and the fam were all there to celebrate!

Beni helped Chris blow out his candles

JC and Heather

Chris, JC, and Scott

I hope you had a good birthday babe! I love you so much!
P.S. our anniversary was right in the middle of all of this fun!

Monday, June 7, 2010


So, some of you may think this is a L@mE dream, but none the less, it has been a dream of mine since my senior year in high school... My passion, my love (besides my husband of course), and my life has been Volleyball for the last ten years of my life! I started playing in 7th grade because my best friend Olivia Shill wanted to try out for Club Red, so I thought, what the heck, I'd try it, even though I didn't like volleyball and wasn't any good at it! Well once I started, I was addicted. All I wanted was to get good at this sport! I even gave up my first love, softball, to focus and improve my skills in volleyball. Oh, and Olivia quit after that and became a cheerleader, thanks though livvie! Anyways, at graduation of my senior year, I told Mr. Thad Gates (our Athletic Director) that I was going to go play 4 years of college ball, and then I was going to come back, and he was going to hire me to be the coach at Westwood. He laughed and went along with what I had repeatedly stated for the last 4 years in the random moments when I happened to run into him at sporting events and such. Well, a year before I got done with my 4 years in college, Coach Steve Crook retired, and Mr. Gated hired someone else... When I heard the news I sadly pictured my dream of becoming head coach extending far far into the future with hope of it ever coming true diminishing.
Well, I am happy to announce that there was a change of plans in the previous coaching staff, and it couldn't have come at a better time! I was privileged to get an interview and then was hired as the new head girls Varsity coach at Westwood last week! I guess dreams do come true, and heavenly father has blessed me so much this year. I have the best new husband who is totally supportive of me, and I've got my dream job! Its going to be alot of hard work, and alot of time, but I am so excited! I guess its true, once a warrior, always a warrior!

Monday, May 24, 2010


So, pretty much, this was one of my favorite parts of planning my own wedding. I thought, it was going to be a total disaster because of the time and the lack of planning it all out before hand... but it actually turned out to be the best and most fun day ever! I would totally recommend EVERY FUTURE BRIDE to make a MUSIC VIDEO for their wedding to show at the reception! We actually got the idea from Emily Jennings Davis who did this same thing for her wedding, and we've loved the idea ever since! Kami was going to do it for her wedding and just ran out of time. So I made SURE that we would make time to do it for our wedding! I think it turned out pretty dang cute! And Chris was such a trooper during the whole thing too! He is so dang cute in it, and my bridesmaids ROCK (of course) too! Check it out!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

For Better or for Worse

Now you may think that I am talking about marriage, a wedding, etc, etc.. and I will in this post, however, thats not what the "For Better or for Worse" title is about... OH NO! Im talkin about BEST FRIENDS here!! You know, the kind of Best Friend that would FLY all the way to Utah (and hates to fly with a passion, not to mention!), sit in FREEZING COLD WEATHER all day while it SNOWED (I don't do snow too well either) so that I can see my best friend come out of the temple and take HOURS of pictures while I wear my SATIN, SHORT SLEEVED, BRIDESMAIDS DRESS!!!!! NOW THATS FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE PEOPLE!
haha, for real though.

I had the priviledge of being a bridesmaid and attending one of my best friend's weddings this last week! Ashley married Nate Mabon on May 6th! She looked so beautiful and we had a blast celebrating that night! Me and another bridemaid (also named Ashley) had so much fun together! We had to team up and we became buddies because ashley was always with her man, and both our husbands had to work! So we are good friends now!


Monday, April 19, 2010


Not only have I needed to catch up on events, but also my HOUSE! These are just some pictures of easter this year. my family got together with chris's family and the stoddard family and had a fun day eating food and doing an easter egg hunt!

Beni was so excited to look for eggs in the front yard

me and my sister Jeni

me and my sister chandler

me and chris

So for everyone that had seen our house BEFORE chris and I got married, you all know how extremely "bachelor" and "contemporary" looking it was... well chris has been such a trooper and has helped me turn our home into a more "married couple" home. you know, looks like a boy AND A GIRL live in it :) and a little more cute and traditonal! so here are a few pictures of my kitchen and my family room.. i didnt really take any before pics so just imagine- white walls, no decorations, JUST a TV and couches.. that was about it...

I got the idea from kami to paint the kitchen walls BLACK! YES BLACK! because our cabinets are such a LIGHT bamboo color, it turned out awesome!

Hobby Lobby is my new favorite store! Ive gotten such cute decorations for the top of the cabinets.. I found this REAL telephone and my grandmas house and it is so cute up there!

These are the new and improved touches to the family room...

I love this saying! and a temple picture of course! my grandpa took this picture when he was a little boy, all of the girls get one when we get married! thanks mom!

And on of my MOST FAVORITE additions is my new red cabinet from Crate and Barrel! My in-laws got it for me and chris as a wedding gift, and I LOVE it.

cute little sayings are the best...

a loft shot! it was hard getting the whole room in the picture, but I think our house is getting so cute!

its definitely coming along! Playing house is so much fun :)