Thursday, November 4, 2010


So I've decided that we get smarter overtime... you know, through experience and age we realize how funny our decisions were when we were young! I have this really awkward entry way in my house that has been the DEATH OF ME trying to figure out what I want to do to it. I decorated it one way before thinking it was SOOO CUUUTE, and because I looked at it long enough, I finally realized how horrible it was! haha... here is how I decorated it before:

Then after realizing what a horrible decorator I was, I FINALLY found some motivation to work on my house when I had some free time this week! So this is the new and improved Entry way to our house... I'm not finished, I think I might even try talking Chris into going to get paint and painting the walls tonight!
.........So, cute (better) decorations are up, paint is coming soon, and I am finally happy with the entry way thus far! Here's the decor minus the paint until further notice :) P.S. I love HOBBY LOBBY :)

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  1. pretty sure we have the same decorations! love hobby lobby too :)