Monday, April 19, 2010


Not only have I needed to catch up on events, but also my HOUSE! These are just some pictures of easter this year. my family got together with chris's family and the stoddard family and had a fun day eating food and doing an easter egg hunt!

Beni was so excited to look for eggs in the front yard

me and my sister Jeni

me and my sister chandler

me and chris

So for everyone that had seen our house BEFORE chris and I got married, you all know how extremely "bachelor" and "contemporary" looking it was... well chris has been such a trooper and has helped me turn our home into a more "married couple" home. you know, looks like a boy AND A GIRL live in it :) and a little more cute and traditonal! so here are a few pictures of my kitchen and my family room.. i didnt really take any before pics so just imagine- white walls, no decorations, JUST a TV and couches.. that was about it...

I got the idea from kami to paint the kitchen walls BLACK! YES BLACK! because our cabinets are such a LIGHT bamboo color, it turned out awesome!

Hobby Lobby is my new favorite store! Ive gotten such cute decorations for the top of the cabinets.. I found this REAL telephone and my grandmas house and it is so cute up there!

These are the new and improved touches to the family room...

I love this saying! and a temple picture of course! my grandpa took this picture when he was a little boy, all of the girls get one when we get married! thanks mom!

And on of my MOST FAVORITE additions is my new red cabinet from Crate and Barrel! My in-laws got it for me and chris as a wedding gift, and I LOVE it.

cute little sayings are the best...

a loft shot! it was hard getting the whole room in the picture, but I think our house is getting so cute!

its definitely coming along! Playing house is so much fun :)


  1. Chels your house looks DARLING! You cute little decorator! Sounds like you're loving being married! We need to play. Bryce is going to San Diego for the month of May and I'm going to stay with my GG on Revere once again :D ... you'll have to come over for a girls night or 10. Love yoU!

  2. OMG, I am so jealous. I cannot wait to get back to California and decorate my home. I love what you did with the kitchen, So neat, the black gives it a nice touch.

  3. FINALLY!!! I absolutely LOVE your black walls! how daring... great idea Kami! oh and SO much better in the family room! it totally has that "home" feeling now! I just love it! can't wait to see it in person.... maybe in a few weeks............. :)

  4. k i loooooove it! I agree with Brea, it speaks for itself that you live there now. How exciting that must have been. I cant wait to see it for reals! miss you!