Thursday, January 20, 2011


So, I think its safe to say that I am definitely SPOILED ROTTEN.

Here's the story:
I had a hard day yesterday.... SCHOOL started for me, and even though I am only there on Mondays and Wednesdays, WEDNESDAYS ARE KILLER. I was at school from 9AM to 7:30PM. Thats right.. 10 and a half hours of being on ASU's campus. For those that know me really well, know that I HATE SCHOOL, but I do it because I know I need to get my degree and so I suck it up and just do it. Well, not only was I exhausted and miserable from the long terrible hours bestowed upon what is my Wednesday's, but I also have been procrastinating working on my BEDROOM and how to decorate it. I like to think of myself as pretty reasonable when it comes to shopping and decorating my house. I look for sales and usually get pretty good deals for my money. Well, my bedroom has been somewhat of a challenge for me because I have a good idea of how I want it to turn out, but I have been neglecting it because I am not sure about a few things (bedding, patterns, etc). HOWEVER, the one thing that I am sure of that I want to go into my bedroom is pretty expensive....I found a beautiful chandelier at the fabulous ZGALLERIE, and I've wanted it for FOREVER now... I am a CHANDELIER FREAK... I love the way they look and how they class up any room that is exposed to their loveliness :)
So, I called Chris during one of my breaks at school and told him that I was thinking about giving in and buying this chandelier... I have the sweetest husband in the world :) I came home to a big square box waiting in the entry way for me :) :) and GUeSs WhAT iT WaS???????????

MY BEAUTIFUL NEW CHANDELIER!!! I can't wait to put it up in my bedroom :)