Tuesday, November 17, 2009


well, its finally over... My years of playing volleyball have finally come to an end! This last weekend I played my last two games of my volleyball career! I had a good run- 10 years and I can honestly say its bitter-sweet knowing that I am done. Finishing 2nd in the conference for assists isn't a bad finish either ;)

Its been funny to look back at this last year and think of all the memories I've acquired! Whats even better then the good memories are of course the bad ones... I think I've earned the right to say that I got BEAT UP this season! But no PAIN no GAIN right??? haha take a look:

Bruises galore! Probably a few everyday!

Sprained the ankle (for the second time) OUCH!

Oh.. and lets not forget... Bruised the BIG TOE NAILS...

...Which turned into REMOVAL OF THE BIG TOE NAILS.
Thats right people... there is no toe nail in this picture!

So pretty much... I fell on the court floor multiple times (bruising), I landed on other girl's feet after jumping to block a ball (sprained ankle), and I beat the crap out of my coach for buying sucky shoes!! (Loss of toe nails) (just kidding, i didn't beat him up. he's 6'4" and could kill me. but i wanted to... haha)

To sum it all up, I wouldn't take back a second of what I went through! No injury of any kind could have stopped me from playing this game! I am so grateful that I got to play volleyball, it has helped shape who I am today, and brought me closer to many of my loved ones. So now I say "THATS ALL FOLKS" I'm on to the next chapters of my life: MARRIAGE and COACHING!


  1. YOUR FOOT/ANKLE IS HUGE! Wow... what great memories you have!

  2. weird my pictures of bruises are similar. I cant believe we're actually done, but it was fun and crappy while it lasted. onto playing leagues, hopefully we'll play together again! love & miss you!